A Bug Success

“I’m big and strong–what makes me so fit?
What is my secret?–you’re standing in it! Ha, ha, ha.
The nutrition I find is what you leave behind.
Never fear, nothing here goes to waste.”

“Round and round and round,
The world goes round,
Round and round and round I roll.”

-from Dung Beetle’s aria

Some images from The Bug Opera on Friday, November 17:














David Gracer of Sunrise Land Shrimp and his edible bugs were a big hit during dinner.










The lobby at the Columbus Theatre was packed at around 7:15 PM.













Families arriving early enjoyed a live bug exhibit (provided by the Roger Williams Park Zoo) and a live composer exhibit (provided by Geoff Hudson) upstairs at the Columbus Theatre.

-Heath Marlow, CMW staff

Photo Diary

Earlier this month, we invited the Miro String Quartet to town for a two-day visit…


Warming up at the West End Community Center


Performing for a full house in the Homew[ork Center]


Mendelssohn Octet at the John Carter Brown Library


Lunch at the (very full) CMW office

After years of being on the Community MusicWorks
Advisory Council, we were finally able to actively participate in some CMW
activities in Providence in early November. We were especially looking forward
to this, as many in the CMW family are old friends, fellow alumni from the
Oberlin Conservatory and numerous summer festivals. It was a reunion of sorts. When
we got down to work with them, we were all so impressed with what they had accomplished
in such a short time. With Korean meals and Mendelssohn Octets interspersed
throughout our residency, we witnessed firsthand the magical effect that music
can have on a community and we are happy to have been able to share even a
small part of those moments. A great time was had by all!

-Daniel Ching, Miro String Quartet

October wrap

A few photos from the October files, as we zoom into November…

Chloe’s beginning viola students demonstrating new skills at their first Performance Party (Oct. 21).

Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzenberry (a spoof on W. A. Mozart) teaches students how to be a very mediocre composer at the first Musical Workshop (Oct. 27), featuring a return visit by guitarist and composer Rami Vamos & Friends.

-Heath Marlow, CMW staff