10th season countdown

June 30 officially brings our 10th season to a close. Here is a short summary of activities:

39 performances by the Providence String Quartet & CMW Fellows

33 weeks of lessons

18 Phase II meetings

14 Fellowship Seminars

9 Providence school visits (PSQ & Fellows)
8 Concert Trips
7 Musical Workshops
6 Board meetings
5 Performance Parties & Youth Salon
4 practice retreats
3 master classes
2 family picnics
1 incredible 10th season!

Phase II at FirstWorks Fest


Itza, Kirby and Louis overcame the wind by the river, the sounds in the background, and difficult mikes to deliver a terrific performance at the FirstWorksKids festival on Saturday, June 16. They were supported by CMW board members Paula, Suzanne, and Siobhan who literally held their music stands and the music. I brought my step daughters and their partners and cheered and took pictures. Phase II students like these show the perseverance and calm of veteran performers and we applaud them all.

-Liz Hollander, CMW Board

The Taco Truck

The green Tacqueria Pacifica truck parked behind Roger Williams Park’s Temple to Music providing free tacos for CMW families was probably the highlight of Friday’s end-of-the-year picnic. And the perfect summer evening was nice too…




Reunion Weekend

Tucked away behind an auto parts store on North Main is this surprising performance space, the Carriage House, which Community MusicWorks chose for its reunion concert last weekend. Although we know to anticipate every musical event CMW organizes, this was both an accomplished musical experience and a heartstoppingly intimate ambience.

The two well-known pieces drew only a limited audience, but it was just right for the space given the large number of performers, mostly standing and all dressed casually, drawn from the ranks of past and present teachers in the CMW program. The group had come together to rehearse and feast and socialize all weekend, and by the time Sebastian finished introducing conductor and friend David Goodman, the room was brimming with waves of affection.


Goodman’s graceful and sensitive leadership brought out a truly lyrical dynamic, and the players responded with verve and obvious pleasure, seeming to be played even as they played their instruments. 

The homey touches, the genuine feeling, the blue jeans, the pause to find another second-violin score–all worked to create a magical blend of pure joy in the music and appreciation of the style of presentation.

Another memory to treasure from this extraordinary group!

-Nan Sumner Mack


Rehearsing all day at the Edgewood Manor.


Sailing with Phase II in Newport on Friday.

Safely back ashore, the Phase II ice cream party…

Celebratory dinner at St. Bart’s Social Club following Sunday’s concert.

Final Performance Party Pics

The last student performance event of the 10th season was a big success! Here are a few photos:


Zeeny, Paul, and Andrew playing in one of the group pieces.

A surprise visit from Big Nazo with a special delivery addressed to "Mitty MusicWorks."

Longtime board member Rick Keller won the grand prize in the raffle: a PSQ performance in his home.

Alana and Heather performing a duo.