Math and Social Justice?

Turns out it’s not just the string quartets of the world that are committed to social justice…

From the website: We encourage our students to
ask the question: "What are the problems that my community is facing,
and how can I use math to understand and help solve them?"

How cool is that?

Regent Avenue event photos

  1. Elmar Oliveira and Robert Koenig in rehearsal
  2. pre-concert reception in Irene Lawrence’s studio
  3. Elmar, after his second encore
  4. Elmar with Tucker, Andrew, and Karl (the three local violin makers who collaborated to create and donate CMW’s Tenth Year Violin)
  5. "Dinner on the Decks"
  6. Todd Carranza’s kitchen by 9 pm
  7. Thank you Jephry Floral!