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“CMW has changed the way I think about music and the way music can make us think. I am proud to know that my gift makes these performances, these conversations, these lessons happen.”
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For over eighteen years, Community MusicWorks has built a musical community in Providence’s disinvested neighborhoods with the conviction that arts experiences are vital to community health, and that for young people – especially those growing up with limited opportunities – these experiences can be the catalyst to imagining and growing possibility-rich futures.

Community MusicWorks has been connecting people, performances, and places through our philosophy that a cohesive urban community can be formed through musical experiences. That professional musicians, young people, and their families can form deep and sustained relationships that transform all of their lives. That neighbors who have never heard classical music will stop to listen and appreciate. That by working collaboratively, community organizations can change the outlook of a city.

That by attending a CMW performance, you have the opportunity to connect and build community with friends and neighbors, to enter into acts of imagination and empathy, and to grow a sense of community across a city.


Beyond your applause, we hope you will consider making a donation in support of CMW. Your gift will provide a resounding endorsement of our performances, along with providing crucial resources to continue bringing free musical education and programming to students and families in our community.

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More than reading the music, CMW knows the score. Which of our numbers inspires you? Is it the people, the performances, the places, the philosophy? Pick a number – multiply by 10… perhaps 100… and become part of CMW with a gift today.

4 Fellows – have you met our two new Fellows, Zan and  Ashley?

7 students graduated from CMW last year – all are attending college this year

8 Resident Musicians – exceptional teachers and performers; check out their bios

20 Years and Counting

24 Hours of Bach – our Bach Marathon returns!

25 students in the Daily Orchestra Program, spending an hour with us every day after school

30 performances scheduled this season in locations all over the East, West, and South sides of Providence

120 lessons are given each week

130 students and families are part of Community MusicWorks this year

1392 Westminster Street Headquarters

1997 Community MusicWorks’ first year

2010 CMW was selected by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities as one of the top afterschool arts programs in the country


Education Program Support

Many people don’t realize that CMW is a well-crafted balancing act of the highest level of performance, combined with deep educational practice in music. Our 130 students and families would be proud to tell you why they have decided to become part of CMW.

The focus of our free education programs is to connect with students in a way that provides them with a foundation in string instrumental training and encourages them to explore their own musical interests and creative inspirations.

Please consider becoming a member of our TRANSFORMATIVE or MAXINE GREENE CIRCLE, with a generous gift of $1,000 or more in support of our Education Programs.

Contact Katie Sklar at (401) 861-5650 to learn more about the impact your support will have on these students and programs, including Daily Orchestra, Phase I – Instrument Lessons and Chamber Music, Phase II – Teen Leadership Program, and Media and Fiddle Lab.


Concert Sponsorship

Are there CMW concerts that you never miss, that inspire you? Perhaps it is our Sonata Series or our MusicWorks Chamber Music Series, showcasing our CMW Resident Musicians and Fellows. Or is it our student performances, providing an opportunity for our students, from six-year-olds to graduating seniors, to proudly demonstrate their accomplishments.

Please consider becoming a CONCERT SPONSOR. Your support can be designated towards a specific concert or an entire series and will help defray the costs of preparing for and putting on our concerts. Please contact Kelly Reed at (401) 861-5650 to learn more about sponsorship levels and benefits.



Recognizing Resident Musicians and Fellows

Our Resident Musicians and Fellows are at the center of everything we do at CMW. Hailing from internationally recognized schools, including New England Conservatory, Brown University, Shepherd School of Music at Rice University, Oberlin Conservatory, and the Juilliard School, these musicians have discovered an unparalleled balance between performance, teaching, and planning.

A truly special way to connect with CMW is to provide Annual or Endowed Support of a Resident Musician or Fellow. Your support will provide a crucial resource to support the performance and education work of our faculty, and allow CMW to offer competitive salaries to attract and keep these talented musicians in our community. Please contact Kelly Reed at (401) 861-5650 to learn more about sponsorship levels and benefits.

Also, CMW may be designated as the beneficiary of a bequest or gift by the terms of a donor’s will or trust.  If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, contact Managing Director Kelly Reed at

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