Individual Supporters

With gratitude and appreciation, Community MusicWorks is proud to recognize the generous families, foundations, and corporations that have supported our mission and programs during our 20th season. It is thanks to their – and your – investment, that we are able to make every musical and mentoring moment possible.

Gifts received between July 1, 2016 to March 30, 2017.


Maxine Greene Circle $10,000+

The Bay And Paul Foundations

The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Carter Family Charitable Trust

The Chace Fund, Inc.

ELMS Foundation

Dr. John Moran

Nancy and Richard Lubin

National Endowment for the Arts

O’Halloran Family Foundation


The Partnership Foundation

Jill Pearlman

The Rhode Island Foundation

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Sharpe Family Foundation

Ms. Julie Smith

Tarisio Auctions, LLC

Anonymous (2)



Transformative $1,000-$9,999

David and Valerie Allen

Amica Companies Foundation

Billy Andrade-Brad Faxon Charities for

Children, Inc.

Susanna Angelillo and Sal Mancini

Richard and Margaret Aspinwall

The Cameron and Jane Baird


Suzanne Barksdale

John and Ann Beekley

Phoebe Blake and Peter McClure

David and Ruth Bourns

Lyman B. Brainerd Jr. Family Foundation

The Bridgehaven Foundation, Inc.

Elaine Arden Cali

The Champlin Foundations

Joseph Chazan and Vicki Veh

Margaret and Jong Choi

Roger and Patricia Cichy

City of Providence

The John Clarke Trust

Joel Cohen and Andrea Toon

D’Addario Foundation

Ralph Daniels

Estate of Raymond Dearden

Brian C. Ehlers

Chris Erway and Jori Ketten

Norman and Rosalie Fain Family


Heather and Ronald Florence

Joan Gelch and Morris Weintraub

Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation

Grampy’s Charities Gives



Hassenfeld Family Initiatives

Mark Hinkley

Daniel Hollander and Cynthia Saniewski

Carl Kaestle

Jean Lewis Keith

Linda and Harold Kushner

Evelyn Lincoln

Stephen and Loredana Lister

Stephen and Connie Louie

Murray Family Charitable Foundation

The Nararo Foundation

James and Cynthia Patterson

Stephanie Perrin

Ethan Pollock and Amy Mendillo

Providence Shelter for Colored Children

Kelly Reed and Ken Williams

Karen Romer

David Ruth

Linda Ruth

Sebastian Ruth and Minna Choi

David and Sally Ryan

Seven Stars Bakery

Allan and Els Shine

Katie and Mitchel Sklar

Anne Symchych

Mrs. Naida Weisberg

Frederick C. Tanner Memorial Fund

Alison and Charles Townsend

Mary Watts

Thomas and Dennie Wolf

Mabel T. Woolley Trust

Michelle Wu and Daniel Hodge



Inspired $500+

Brian Alverson and Rebecca Brown

Barbara Apstein

Alayne Barnicoat and Dale Lesh

Jonathan Biss

Kathleen and James Bower

Lisa Carnevale

Richard and Inge Chafee

John Cherry

Melanie and Stephen Coon

Ann DeLancey

Dexter Donation Trust Fund

Nancy and Charles Dunn

Barrett and Jean Flanders

Mark Garrison

Barbara Howard

Peter and Mary Katzenstein

Laura Kiesler

Michael Kim and Liz Larsen


Jeff Kline

Angie Koziara and Tom Wojick

Varun Kumar

David Lewis

Jane Loos

Ruth Mullen

Pamelee and Raymond Murphy

Joop and Ria Nagtegaal

David and Marguerite Odeh

James Olesen and Lynn Nowels

Thomas Palmer and Dominique Alfandre

Richard Partridge

Marie & Robert Petrarca

Judith and Richard Plotz

Peter and Martha Schermerhorn

Ralph and Martha Wales

Sonya Williams



Con Fuoco $250+

Adler’s Design Center & Hardware

Priscilla Angelo and John Eng-Wong

Gale Aronson

Vincent Bucci

Inga and Ron Byleckie

Casa Buena Builders Inc.

Janet Chapple and Bruno Giletti

City Kitty Veterinary Care for Cats

Anna and Bill Colaiace

Siobhan Ritchie Cute and Kevin Cute

Wendell and Betsy Dietrich

Adele and Charles Eil

Samuel Frank and Bonnie Glickman

Amy & Bruce Goldstein

Sue Hanley

Petie Hilsinger

Barry Holstein

Richart and Janet Keller

Katherine Kline and Bill Ryan

Neil and Judy Lempert




Varda and Robert Lev

Marc and Margaret Mann

Heath Marlow and Tai Katzenstein

Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Naas

Pastiche Fine Desserts

Eric and Jane Peterson

Petie Hilsinger Fund

Harlan and Beverly Rich

Francine Rivkin and Amy MacDonald

Frank Rosenwein

Micah Salkind and Ted McGuire

Noel and Elizabeth Sanchez

Clark Schoettle

Sue Hanley

The Severus Foundation Corp.

United Way of Rhode Island

Margot Warner


Anonymous (2)


Imaginative $100+

Marcia Anderson

Will and Helen Auger

Dianne Avery and Alfred Konefsky

Elizabeth and Jon Berberian

Anne Bergeron

Janette and Mark Bertness

Cynthia Bertozzi

Edward and Judith Bertozzi

Mr. Richard Blackman

Judith Bloom

John and Cynthia Boland

Eric Booth

Virginia Branch and Glenn Buie

Betsy and Donald Breed

Jay Bright

Elizabeth Burke Bryant and Daniel Bryant

Stephen Buka and Lisa Denny

Mark Churchill

Citizens Charitable Foundation

Melanie Clark-Medyesy

Ann Clark and Samuel Dudley

Eileen Collins

Martha Cussler

Lewis and Betty Dana

Cedric de Leon and Emily Heaphy

Doris De Los Santos and Lucas Sano

John and Patricia Dunn

John and Carolyn Eastberg

Eastside Marketplace

Friends of Jorge Elorza

Mary-Beth Fafard

Frank Faltus

Grace and Carl Farmer

William Feinstein

Lindsay French

Adrienne Gagnon and Manuel Cordero

Joe Gallo and Susan Gaunt

Jorge and Donna Gardos

Gail and Tom Gidwitz

Judith Goldberg

Susan Griffiths

Philip Gruppuso and Martha Manno

Matt Haimovitz and Luna Pearl Woolf

John and Ginger Harkey

Ed and Marian Hazzard

High Spirits

Andrew and Motria Holowinsky

Abigail Homer

Carol Hoppe

Sheila Hughes

Barbara Hunger and David Karoff

Isabelle Hunter

Diana and Donald Jackson

Coppelia and Gabriel Kahn

Deborah Kelley

Kenneth R. Dulgarian Properties

Jennifer Kiddie


Jonathan Klavens

Lee Krasner

Naomi Krasner

Russell and Isabel Kushner

Patricia and Jeffrey Lallas

Irene Lawrence and Barnaby Evans

Lucy Ann Lepreau

Kathleen and Larry Liebenow

Jed Lippard and Todd Zinn

James Lippincott and Catherine Schneider

Diane Lynch

Natlie Major

Cristina Mitchell and Roger Blumberg

Naomi Morey and Glenn Parker

Catherine Murphy and Gary O’Neill

Kathleen Murray and Colin Murphy

Benjamin Nacar

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nikitas

Nancy Owen

Ajay and Laxmi Pande

William and Joyce Panitch

David Parker

Arlene and Peter Piacquadio

Mercedes Quevedo

Donald and Jane Rankin

Gayle Raposa

Alexander Rempis

Judith and Arthur Robbins

Dawn Robertson

Berkis Rodriguez and Alejandro Flores

Angela Romans

Bryony Romer and Joshua Mack

Carl and Anna Laura Rosow

Emma and Walter Rous

Laurie Rubin

Elizabeth Stabler and Robert Ruggiero

Jacqueline and Geoffrey Russom

Jonathan Sharlin and Olivia McCullough

Cynthia Shattuck

Barbara Shays

Michael Sheridan

Dr. Rebecca A. Silliman

Frederick and Joan Slafsky

Brett Smiley and Jim De Rentis

Ann and Daryl Stahl

Mark Steinbach and Warren Curtis

Grace Tagliabue

The RJG Charitable Foundation

Martha and David Thomas

Susan Hardy & William Twaddell

Donnell Van Noppen

William S. Panitch, Inc.

Connie Worthington and Terry Tullis

Harrison and Josephine Wright

Anonymous (5)



Grazioso $50+

AmazonSmile Foundation

Sarah Anderson

Emily and Quentin Anthony

Armand Aromin

Nancy and James Baker

Karla Bassler

Daniel Baudouin

Cheryl Beil

Kitty Benton

Gay Ben Tre

Joan Bishop

Sheila Blumstein

Allan and Jana Brenman

Elisabeth Buell

Dinorad Cabreja

Nancyanne Carriuolo

Kerry Chaffer and Rick Massie

John and Cindy Coldren

Meredith Costa

Jesica Cruze

Mitchell Donday and Annette Mozzoni

George and Susan Doyle

Benjamin and Wendy Dunham

Eastside Marketplace

Peggy Edwards

Santa and Ruben Espinosa

Edward Feller

Steven Flanders

Nancy Weiss-Fried and Herb Fried

Risa Gilpin

Sarah Gleason

Barbara Heyman

Elaine Hill

Olivann and John Hobbie

Iyengar Yoga Source

Lourdes Jimenez

Susan Kelley


Daniel Kertzner

Erich Konrad

Maureen Krasnow

Jane and Anthony Lancaster

Nan and Andy Langowitz

Robert Lanou

Dorothy Licht

Lewis and Edna Lipsitt

Tanya Maggi

Mary Maitoza

Edward Markward

Susan and James McIlwain

Mary and Gregory McMahon

Cody Mead

Sylvia and Ralph Memolo

James and Jean Murano

Yvette Nachmias-Baeu

Nancy Nicholson

Ken and Elaine Okin

Raymond and Joanne Olson

Rachel Panitch and Richard Packhem

Pamela and John Pelletier

Estelle Raben

Patricia Read

Elizabeth and Daniel Reardon

Martha Rojas

Dietrich and Marilyn Rueschemeyer

Kirk Russell

Peter and Heidi Smith

Penney Stein

Maria Velasquez

David and Sally Jo Walther

Thompson and Joan Webb

Aaron and Patricia Wold

Richard and Sarah Zacks



Con Amore

Juliana and Will Anderson

Stella Barboza

Ilya Bodo

Paula and Sandor Bodo

Karen Bogen

Courtney Bourns

Francia Castillo

Fred and Debbi Coury

Kathleen and Robert Cox

Linda Daniels and William Hopkins

Anne & Alexander Danzberger

Linda Dewing

Robert Ericson & Ann Moskol

Holly Ewald

Suzanne Ewing

Lamis Faris

Lois Finkel

Cindy Fong

Michele Godlevski

Teny Gross

Rabbi and Mrs. Leslie Yale Gutterman

Diane Hoffman-Kim and David Kim

Nancy Hood

Judy Keller

James Kelley

Melissa Kievman and Brian Mertes

Dian Kriz

Vincent Luti

Diana Maher

Marilyn Malina

Jane McIlmail

Philip and Elizabeth McMaster



Senator and Mrs. Harold D. Metts

Mira Meyer-Oertel

Susan Meyer

Barbara Morin

Frank Muhly

Sergio Munoz

Edward Neubauer

Kris Nolte

Edna and Peter O’Connell

Ruth Otto

Andrew Oung

Korben Perry

Hope Pilkington

Sanford and Linda Reich

Sheila and John Resseger

Marsha Rice

Amy Rouse

Judith Schrier & Paul Wilde

Alicia Schubert

Ken and Molly Sebesta

Tiffany Silliman

Nancy Smalzel

Susan Smulyan

Sara Stalnaker and Mike Reynolds

Amy Strachman

Hiroshi Tajima

Gwendoline Thornblade

Ken Yeager and Nancy Smalzel

Anonymous (12)