Individual Supporters

Community MusicWorks would like to thank the following friends and families who support our work on the stage, in the classroom and in our communities. We are only able to make our mission to transform the lives of children, families, and musicians a reality thanks to their – and your – support.

Mike and Roberta Aaronson
Betsy and Don Abbott*
Virginia Adams
Elizabeth and Theodore Alcaide
Valerie and David Allen
Brian Alverson and Rebecca Brown
Juliana Anderson
Susan Anderson
Susanna Angelillo and Sal Mancini*
Emily and Quentin Anthony*
Barbara Apstein
Gene Armstrong
Gale Aronson
Sherrill Ashton
Richard and Margaret Aspinwal*
Emily and James Atkinson
Helen and Will Auger*
Jane and Greg Austin
Sheila Austin
Nancy Baker
Suzanne and Jim Barksdale
Alayne Barnicoat and Dale Lesh*
Laura Bass
Kiri Miller and James Baumgartner
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
Marsha Miller and Robert Bedick
Ann and John Beekley*
Donna Behr
Cheryl Beil
Sarah Beller
Gay Ben Tre
Peter N. Bennett
Elizabeth and Jon Berberian*
David Berman
Janette Bertness
Cynthia Bertozzi
Christina Bevilacqua*
Mary Ann and Joseph Bevilacqua*
Miriam Fried and Paul Biss
Mr. Richard Blackman
Helen Blatz
Kathryn Frank and Jim Blume
Annalisa Boerner
Betsy Wrobel-Boerner and Ralph Boerner
Karen Bogen
John and Cynthia Boland
Eric Booth*
Alice Boss and Sandy Altman
David and Ruth Bourns*
Kathleen and Jim Bower*
Ann Boyer
Virginia Branch and Glenn Buie
Betsy and Donald Breed*
Jay Bright
Elizabeth Burke Bryant and Daniel Bryant
Vincent Bucci
Inga and Ron Byleckie
Elaine Cali
Lisa Carnevale
Brenda Carr
Emily Carr
Rives and Dickson Carroll
Francia Castillo
The Estate of James Catterton
Barbara and Anthony Cervone*
Elizabeth Chace*
Inge and Richard Chafee
Robin Chapman
Vicki Veh and Joseph Chazan
John Cherry*
Cathy and Ken Chin
Margaret and Jong Choi*
Nancy and Howard Chudacoff
Mark Churchill*
Pat and Roger Cichy
Peter Clark
Catherine Cleaves and Douglas Brownlow*
Barbara Weindling and David Cohen
Andrea Toon and Joel Cohen*
Anna and Bill Colaiace
Cindy and John Coldren
Janet Cole-Stryker
Arlene and Brian Cole
Eileen Collins
Edward Conrad
Melanie and Stephen Coon
Mary and Allyn Copp
Meredith Costa
Kathleen and Robert Cox*
Kristen Crane
Nora Cullen
Martha Cussler
Siobhan Ritchie Cute and Kevin Cute*
Jennifer Gage and Constantine Dafermos
Betty and Lewis Dana
Linda Daniels and William Hopkins*
Ralph Daniels*
Diana Dansereau and David Beauchesne
Anne and Alexander Danzberger*
Chris Davis
Hadassah and Philip Davis*
Cedric de Leon and Emily Heaphy
Doris De Los Santos and Lucas Sano
Elizabeth Debray
Ann DeLancey*
Carol Delaney
Joanne and Tom Devoe
Linda Dewing*
Betsy and Wendell Dietrich*
Thomas Dignan
Ann Dill
Miranda Dillard
Karen and Mark Dingley*
Rokhaya Dione
Silvia Dorado-Banacloche and Robin Cote
Brian Dowling
Wendy Drumm*
Wendy and Benjamin Dunham*
Nancy and Charles Dunn
Marilyn Eanet*
Peggy Edwards
Brian C. Ehlers*
Adele and Charles Eil
Donna Ellis
Ruth Emers
Priscilla Angelo and John Eng-Wong
Honora Englander*
Amy and Steve Eppler-Epstein*
Robert Ericson
Jori Ketten and Chris Erway
Santa and Ruben Espinosa
Samuel Evans
Beth Everett
*Holly Ewald
Suzanne Ewing*
Mary-Beth Fafard
Linda Fain
Mrs. Rosalie Fain* ♪
Dr. Frank Faltus*
Grace and Carl Farmer
M. Temple Fawcett*
Bill Feinstein
Barbara and Walter Feldman*
Dr. Edward Feller
Masako and Vlastimil Fidler*
Lois Finkel*
Jean and Barrett Flanders*
Kate Flanders and Andrew Ryan*
Steven Flanders
Rhoda and Allen Flaxman
Heather and Ronald Florence*
Cindy Fong*
Virginia Fox
Ellie and H. Alan Frank
Mrs. Ruth Frank*
Sam Frank and Bonnie Glickman
Margaret Carpenter and Chas Freeman
Helen and Ron Freeman
Lindsay French
Nancy Weiss-Fried and Herb Fried
Judy Fried
Susan Mates and Joseph Friedman
Mr. Michael Friedman
Patricia Fuller and Thomas Oakes*
Lori and John Gallagher*
Sandra Gandsman
Leslie and Thomas Gardner
Jorge and Donna Gardos*
Joan Garfield
Mark Garrison
Joan Gelch and Morris Weintraub
Sergei Gelfand
Doree Goodman and Michael Gerhardt
J. Giaitusso
Gail and Tom Gidwitz
Janet Chapple and Bruno Giletti*
Risa Gilpin
Benjamin Givan
Sarah Gleason*
Luz Bravo-Gleicher*
Jack Gold and James Mayfield
Amy Goldstein
Amy and Bruce Goldstein*
Merle and Stanley Goldstein
Ellen Goodman
Diane and George Gordon
Anne Gorsuch
Sara Keisling and Henry Gould
Joseph Gouveia
Loren Graham and Patricia Albjerg Graham
Don and Ann Gralnek
Susan and Paul Graseck
Richard Partridge and Kathryn Green* ♪
Mr. William Green
Hilda Greenbaum
Alice and Ira Gross
Martha Manno and Philip Gruppuso*
Lynda Gulley
Peter and Teresa Hacunda
Tina and Netta Hadari*
Julia Haley
Lynn Hall
Myrna Hall
Donald Halquist
Ginger and John Harkey
Bill Harley and Debbie Block*
Elizabeth Harris*
Marsue Harris and Robin Porter
Kit Haspel and Paul Silva
Cecily Hawksworth
Marian and Ed Hazzard*
Lauren Latessa and Ryan Hearty
Edith Hemenway*
Sarah Hemenway
Barbara Heyman
Tim Hiebert and Beth Brainerd
Amy Hill
Elaine Hill
Petie Hilsinger*
Mark Hinkley
Olivann and John Hobbie*
Michelle Wu and Daniel Hodge
Nancy Hoffman
Celia Schnacky and Paul Hoffman*
Jillian Hogan
Liz Hollander* ♪
Holly Holmes
Barry Holstein*
Carolyn Holstein*
Abigail Homer
Carol Hoppe
Beth and Ed Houlihan
Hope Houston
Barbara Howard*
Michael Hudner
Sheila Hughes*
Barbara Hunger and David Karoff*
Isabelle Hunter*
Christine Hyland
Janet Isserlis
Senator Paul Jabour
Diana and Donald Jackson*
Eva and Fred Jacob*
Christel Jacobson
Bob and Jill Jaffe*
L. Frederick Jodry*
Stephen Johns
Carl Kaestle*
Coppelia Kahn*
David Kahn
Mary Kao
David and Elizabeth Kaplan
Judy and Leonard Katz
Mary and Peter Katzenstein*
Suzanne Katzenstein
Judith Kaye and Bruce Phillips
Judy Keller
Janet and Richart Keller*
James Kelley*
Susan Kelley*
Ellen Kellner*
Jeannette and Fred Kellogg
Danielle Kemsley
Annice Kenan and Jesse Smith
Elizabeth Kendrick*
Danielle Kernsley
Daniel Kertzner
Laura Kiesler
Carolyn and J. Scott Kilpatrick
Liz Larsen and Michael Kim
Jonathan Klavens
Jeff Kline*
Katy Kline and Bill Ryan*
Nancy Klotz
John Kochevar
Erich Konrad
Angie Koziara and Tom Wojick*
Lee Krasner
Naomi Krasner*
Katherine and Eric Kravetz
Jacob Kuhn
Varun Kumar
Barbara Harris and Seth Kurn*
Linda and Harold Kushner*
Isabel and Russ Kushner*
Mariania La Tour
Ellen Lagemann
Patricia and Jeffrey Lallas
Jane and Anthony Lancaster
Eileen Landay
Congressman James Langevin
Nan and Andy Langowitz
Mr. Robert Lanou*
Irene Lawrence and Barnaby Evans*
Albert Lee
Barbara Weil and George Lee
Joan Lefkow
Lee Kossin and Philip Leis
Neil and Judy Lempert
Christopher Leone and Jocelyne Prince
Lucy Lepreau
Chinhin Leung
Varda and Robert Lev*
Barbara Levine
Freeman Freeman and Stephen Levine
Ann Lewis
David and Eleanor Lewis*
Mrs. Dorothy Licht*
Evelyn Lincoln and Brian Shure*
Jasmine Lipman
Jed Lippard and Todd Zinn
Susan and Tom Lippard*
Catherine Schneider and James Lippincott*
Loredana and Stephan Lister*
Peggy Lo*
Betsy London
Nicholas Long and Abigail Brooks
Jane Loos
Connie and Stephen Louie
Nancy and Richard Lubin*
Joan Lusk*
Vincent Luti
Alicia Luzón
Diane Lynch
Amy MacDonald
Jayne and Donald MacDougall
Diana Maher
Mary Beth Maitoza
Marilyn Malina
Priscilla and Jerold Mann
Margaret and Marc Mann
George Manyan*
Kristi Maresco*
Tai Katzenstein and Heath Marlow*
Marcia Marlow*
Diana and David Maude
Laura Maxwell
Robbie McCauley
Phoebe Blake and Peter McClure*
Kathryn McDermott
Jane McIlmail*
Elizabeth and Dave McNab*
Miriam McRobb
Janis McVay
Deborah Meier
Carole Melikian
Sylvia and Ralph Memolo
Linda and Angelo Mendillo*
Sally Mendzela
Vera Metcalf
Senator Harold Metts
Jessie Montgomery
Sydney Montstream-Quas
Dr. John Moran*
George Morgan
Janet Morse Fox
Elizabeth and Douglass Morse
Ruth Mullen
Jerome Muller*
Sergio Munoz
Catherine Murphy and Gary O’Neill
Pamelee and Raymond Murphy
Elizabeth Nacar*
Ria and Joop Nagtegaal
Marilyn and Martin Nass*
Mrs. Pearl Nathan*
Sarah Slaughter and James Newman
Roger and Barbara Nozaki
Edna and Peter O’Connell*
Gerard and Mary Ann O’Halloran*
Marguerite and David Odeh
Elaine and Ken Okin
Lynn Nowels and James Olesen
Raymond and Joanne Olson
Catherine Orloff
Nancy Owen
Ariana and Michael Packard
Adam Pallant and Betsy Toll
Dominique Alfandre and Thomas Palmer*
Richard Packhem and Rachel Panitch
Joyce and William Panitch*
Jean and Mark Patiky
James Patterson
Jill Pearlman*
Janna and Thomas Pederson
Diana and Paul Peelle*
Clay Pell
Daniel Peltz
Sheela Percelay
Deborah and Elliot Perlman
Stephanie Perrin
Jane and Eric Peterson*
Marie and Robert Petrarca*
Carrie and Thomas Phillips
Hope Pilkington
Judith and Richard Plotz*
Fredda and Stanley Pollack
Nancy and William Polleys
Rosamaria and Franco Preparata
Rebecca Preston
Lucy Gordon and Mark Ptashne*
Judith Queen*
Mercedes Quevedo*
Dr. Estelle Raben*
Jacqueline and Robert Radke
Erika Ramirez
Donald and Jane Rankin*
Gayle Raposa*
Sara Rapport
Elizabeth and Dan Reardon*
Kelly Reed and Ken Williams
Sanford and Linda Reich*
Elizabeth Rice
Sarah and Craig Richardson*
Sara Richardson and Joseph Wong
Joan and Philip Ritchie
Francine Rivkin and Amy MacDonald*
Judy and Arthur Robbins*
Jean Robbins
Dawn Robertson
Joshua Rodriguez
Victoria Rogers
Christine Arveil and Benoit Rolland
Bryony Romer and Joshua Mack
Karen Romer*
Prof. Michael Rosen
Rabbi James Rosenberg
Charles Rosenthal
Frank Rosenwein
Toby and Lawrence Rossner
Sally and Fred Rotenberg
Nahanni Rous and Ned Lazarus
Emma and Walter Rous*
Laurie Rubin*
Marilyn and Dietrich Rueschemeyer
Peter and Meredith Rugg
Elizabeth Stabler and Robert Ruggiero*
Jacqueline and Geoffrey Russom*
David Ruth*
Jonsara Ruth*
Linda Ruth*
Sebastian Ruth and Minna Choi*
Sally and David Ryan*
Bonnie Ryvicker
Kenneth Sacks and Jane Kaufman
Betty and Ara Sadaniantz
Mary Sadovnikoff*
Isaac Salchow
Ted McGuire and Micah Salkind
Dale and Jerrold Salmanson
Kate and William Saltonstall
Loren and Jamie Samons
Ellen Schecter
Peter and Martha Schermerhorn
Yigal Schleifer
Gregory Schneider
Mark Schneider
Clark Schoettle
Judith Schrier and Paul Wilde*
Helaine and Mark Schupack*
Beth and Philip Schuyler
E. Ann Scott
Ken Sebesta
Feather Sedam
Joanne Seymour
Nancy and Michael Shand
Olivia McCullough and Jonathan Sharlin*
Peggy and Henry Sharpe
Cynthia Shattuck
Barbara Shays
Karen Sheahan
Maureen Sheehan*
Deborah Sherr
Els and Allan Shine*
Daniel Siegel
Dr. Rebecca Silliman*
Peter Silva
Ellen and Jay Sklar
Katie and Mitchel Sklar
Susan Sklar
Joan and Frederick Slafsky
Moira Smiley
Ms. Julie Smith*
Heidi and Peter Smith*
Melinda and Lewis Spratlan
Robert Stack and Vanphouthon Souvannasane
Ann and Daryl Stahl
Judith and Peter Stanton*
Katharine and Joel Stark
Penney and Joshua Stein
Deborah Steinberg
Michael Steinberg
Catherine Stephan
William Stott
Patty Stout*
Karl Stuen
Carol Sullivan and Ed Varan
Alice Swift
Anne Symchych
Grace Tagliabue
Andrea Talbutt
Julie Talbutt and Ethan Cruze
Sidney Talisman and Alvin Novak
Donald Tarallo
Arlyn and Gary Thobaben
Martha and David Thomas
Gwendoline Thornblade
Judith Tolnick
Alison and Charles Townsend
Ruth Triedman
Connie Worthington and Terry Tullis
Susan Hardy and William Twaddell
Gerry Tyler
Liz Tyler
Martha and Ralph Wales
Meredith Walsh
David and Sally Jo Walther*
Lois Wasoff
*Mary Watts
Thomas Weatherly
Joan and Tom Webb*
Susan Weeden
Sinclair and Mary Weeks*
Mrs. Naida Weisberg*
Anne Grant and Phil West
J. Bruce Whyte
Gurney Williams
Sonya Williams
Christina Williamson
Hope Williard
Thomas and Dennie Wolf
Anne and Robert Wood
Barbara Wright
Josephine and Harrison Wright*
Jason Yoon
Myrth York
Tina and Anthony Yu
Richard and Sarah Zacks
Karen Ziner
Anonymous (7)

*Recognizes the generosity of friends, institutions, and organizations that have supported CMW’s work for 10 years or more.

♪ Deceased

 Listing includes all gifts received between July 1, 2014 and April 15, 2016.