Where We Are

Community Information

Community MusicWorks after-school programming serves the families of Providence’s West End, South Side, Elmwood, and Olneyville neighborhoods.

Demographic Information

The neighborhoods served by Community MusicWorks are rich in cultural diversity, yet they are among the poorest communities in Rhode Island:

Community Demographics Our Students Our Neighborhoods*
Latino/Latina 51% 52%
African American 16% 21%
Caucasian 16% 12%
Asian 5% 9%
Other Racial Designation 12% 6%


Community Need Indicators Our Neighborhoods* Providence* RI*
Childhood Poverty 42% 35% 14%
Median Household Income $21,616 $26,867 $42,029
Rates of Births to Teenage Mothers 21% 17% 10%


*Source for Demographics and Need Indicators Statistics: “Residents and Data: Making the Connection,” a report prepared by the Providence Local Learning Partnership, September 2002.