Kirby’s back

Hello Everybody,
Yesterday we had a wonderful board retreat with plenty of surprises. I had fun and it was great to see everybody. First we played a game in which we each drew a badge and on it, it had four things. They were: your home, your occupation, your hobbies and what skills do you bring to the board. You also had to write your motto.


Then we broke off into three groups and helped brainstorm some ideas. I got a big poster with birthday wishes. Thank you everybody. It was really nice. Also thanks Liz [Hollander] for the wonderful presents.

By the time we knew it, [the retreat] was over and we ended with letters stating what we planned to do for the up coming year. Can’t wait to start with you guys again and see you when I come back.

-(Fidelia) Kirby Vasquez, CMW Board member

[Editor: After postponing her trip by a day to attend the retreat, Kirby left for Mexico to celebrate her Quinceañera with her extended family. Happy 15th Kirby!]

Sneak Preview

If you’ve already visited our website’s calendar page in search of event information, you know that it will be a few more weeks before any Providence Quartet events are posted. That’s because, while we may dream up many of our ambitious projects during our annual June planning week, it takes another week of staff meetings in mid-August to confirm which of our ideas can realistically come to fruition this season. (e.g. the complete Beethoven String Quartet cycle and the 24-hour all-Bach marathon concert will probably not happen… at least this year!)

However, to tide you through the lazy days of August (before the torrent of news and information is turned on after Labor Day), here are a just a few musical things to look forward to during our 11th season:

1. Beethoven String Quartets in late October.
2. Brandenburg Concerti in mid November.
3. Dvorak’s "American" Quartet and Quintet in late January/early February.
4. "Other Americas" in mid March. (??)
5. Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht (Transfigured Night) for string sextet in May.
6. Music by local composers on concert programs throughout the season.

The PSQ will return to the Providence Athenaeum (January & May), travel to NYC at least once (January), and visit a number of other favorite venues around town and further afield (perhaps Denver, Banff?).

A couple of other things to add to your calendar:

1. Imagining Art + Social Change, a conference hosted by CMW. (Thurs., March 27-Sat., March 29)
2. The annual CMW benefit event at the Regent Avenue School Building will feature a recital by violinist Elmar Oliveira and pianist Robert Koenig. (Sunday, May 4)

Should be fun!

-Heath Marlow, CMW staff