The Academy profiled in the NY Times


Click here to read Daniel Wakin's NY Times profile of The Academy, The Juilliard School and Carnegie Hall's recently created fellowship program which "serves post-graduate musicians embarking on their careers by helping to
bridge the gap between their academic and professional lives."

two-year fellowship… is designed to develop the skills and values leading to careers that
combine musical excellence with education and community outreach." Sound familiar?

The Academy's website is here.

Summer plans

Want to know where to catch up with your CMW friends during the summer months?

  1. Sebastian and Minna will be in Fryeburg, Maine from July 13 until August 3rd, performing at the International Musical Arts Institute. If you happen to be in the White Mountains area, please come visit or stop by for a concert. Concerts happen weekly Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 7:30 pm and Sunday afternoons at 2pm. **In a Providence preview concert, they will be performing on Thursday, June 26 at the home of Varda and Bob Lev with friends from the Institute. The program will include both piano quartets of Gabriel Faure. Please call Varda Lev at 331-0620 to reserve seats or for more information.
  2. Jessie will be serving as Assistant Dean for the Sphinx Performance Academy which will be housed at the Walnut Hill School from June 22-July 6. Then she will be a Composer-in-Residence at the Deer Valley Music Festival in Park City, Utah under the direction of Joan Tower. The dates are June 23 through August 2, with a performance of her newly composed string quartet by the emerging Vinca Quartet. She will also happily be playing Auntie Jessie to Sara's Isa Claire during her stay at Deer Valley. 🙂
  3. Sara will be continuing to master the art of speed diapering and public breastfeeding. When time allows, Sara will also air out her cello.
  4. At the end of the June, Rachel will be making her solo debut overseas as she performs (on violin) with the Providence Mandolin Orchestra in Toulouse, France.  Then in July, she'll be a student at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, where students and staff play together for nightly contradances. And in August she'll be in Albany at Donna Hebert's Fiddling Demystified for fiddle teachers–specially designed so that one can learn about teaching not just violins, but violas and cellos, too!
  5. Jesse will spend several weeks coaching and performing chamber music at the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music in Sullivan, New Hampshire.
  6. Laura, after visiting Los Angeles, is on her way to a fall artist residency in Amsterdam with her husband Mark. She promises to write in to the blog with an update on her life in Europe.
  7. Heath will be at home working on the Providence String Quartet's 08-09 concert schedule and making several trips out to the Berkshires to visit Tanglewood and Greenwood Music Camp.


Several CMW students are graduating from high school and CMW this month: Itza, Erick, Jovanne, Naika, and Fatima (pictured with teachers and parents at the recent picnic). We're so proud of their accomplishments!