PYAC multimedia

You don’t have to live in Providence to see and hear what’s happening at the other members of the Providence Youth Arts Collaborative (PYAC). Here’s a sampling of multimedia, all just a few mouse clicks away…

1. Videos and podcasts from Everett Dance Theatre here.

2. Providence Black Repertory Company blog here.

3. Providence CityArts for Youth “Virtual Gallery” here.

4. New Urban Arts media page here.

5. Sounds and video from AS220 here.

Understanding the infant musical mind

A recent article by Boston Globe music critic (and CMW friend) Jeremy Eichler:

“I’ve never felt so paralyzed standing before my CD collection as the
day I brought my newborn son home from the hospital and decided to play
him his very first music. So much was at stake. Should it be modern or
Baroque? Orchestral or opera? Would Mozart make him smarter? Would
Schoenberg instill in him revolutionary tendencies? Would Wagner make
him loathe his Jewish roots?

I settled on Bach’s “Art of Fugue” in an arrangement for string
quartet. Why not begin at the summit, and what’s more, I imagined, all
that searching counterpoint would be like honey for the infant brain.
He responded with aplomb, conveying his wise, wordless mastery of the
material by slipping into an eyes-closed, meditative state. OK, he fell

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Phase III and the Mayor

Kirby sent in this photo taken at a special event at Mayor Cicilline’s home on Monday evening. CMW’s Phase III ensemble (including Luis and Josh) performed for the Mayor and his guests, including incoming Providence Public Schools superintendent Tom Brady (profiled in the Providence Journal).
Phase III with mayor_web