Institute for Musicianship and Public Service

CMW’s yearly June Institutes for Musicianship and Public Service (IMPS) offered musicians of all instruments a deeper understanding of CMW’s unique neighborhood musical residency model through:

  • observation of CMW classes and active participation in program activities;
  • structured and unstructured interaction with CMW staff and students;
  • a seminar on the intersection of music and public service;
  • discussions of early stages of organization-building and workshops on tools and practices for emerging organizations;
  • seminars and coaching on individual vision and mission statements; and
  • written materials and presentations focusing on pedagogical and organizational cornerstones of Community MusicWorks.

Currently, there is not an IMPS scheduled for June 2017. CMW is planning a Summer Institute in August 2018, parts of which may be open to the public; more information will be posted here in the spring of 2017.